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A word from Jason Hicks, Lands & Ranch specialist

I appreciate your taking the time to visit this page, hopefully it will be helpful.
In this business, my specialty of choice has been working with buyers and sellers in the arena of land, ranches of all sizes, farm land and specialty properties. From small acreage building lots to expansive tracts of timber lands and recreational/hunting properties- in ranches from ranchettes on small acreage to large working cattle ranches, and farm land; with a background in ranching and farming, this is what we do and enjoy doing.

In the wide wide world of real estate, the choices for properties and agent/broker representation are many for the prospective buyer or seller.
For the Buyer, upon deciding on the general area they wish to acquire property within, most buyers in today’s market will have spent many hours on the internet diligently viewing countless properties, often times narrowing their search to half a dozen or so places they wish acquire more information on, or view. The next important decision for the buyer would be to research a Real estate specialist for that type of property and geographical area, to represent the best interests of the buyer. The selection of the right specialist ,in whom you can Trust, can make the difference of an enjoyable, low stress, smooth real estate experience, versus, an ” I will never use a real estate agent again” attitude when the dust finally settles.

For the Seller, upon deciding to sell, the next decision is to choose to market themselves, or seek the services of a real estate professional. If the latter is chosen as is in most cases, it is imperative that the seller research a market specialist suitable for their type of property.

We all know 2-3 real estate agents and often feel inclined to use their services based on that relationship. Unless that agent is experienced in and specializes in that type of property, the real estate relationship is going to be a ‘below average’ experience. This has been my observation over the years. I have often referred acquaintances or customers to other agents who specialize in areas that I do not, as I believe it is in their best interest.

In the housing market, while there are agents specializing in different aspects of that market, in general there are usually numerous knowledgeable real estate professionals to choose from.

In regards to lands, ranch, and agriculture properties? Not so much. The number of specialists in this area is far less as these properties represent a completely different ‘field of experience’ and often present a more complex acquisition process, as well as a significant investment in most cases.

In closing, remember, buying or selling real estate represents a large financial decision in most cases. Treat it as a business decision, including selecting your appropriate real estate representative.

Professionalism and experience always pays, it never costs. If it seems good to you to choose to use my services in the purchase or sale of your next property, I would look forward to serving you.

Give me a call to learn more about my service to buyers or sellers.

* New in 2008, I began offering full service Auction and Real Estate Auction services as JP Western Auctions LLC , as an additional service to sellers. The auction, when professionally marketed and performed, presents an excellent tool for sellers to put their property on ‘center stage’ and draw the buyers, as well as creating a definite selling and closing date in this uncertain market.
While not all properties will work well at an auction, many do work well, and simply provide the Seller with another important tool in the sale of their property.

Call me to learn more about this process and if your property may be a good candidate for the auction.


Jason Hicks
Broker, GRI